Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photoetching with threadwork

These are from my photoetching workshop taken in early august at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. The first image shows the wall above my workspace where I was playing with layering the threadwork with the etching prints and with woodcuts that had been printed on silk organza. Some of the etching plates were made by exposing the plate with some threadwork lace on top of it, so the thread is both in the etching and on top as real thread. I also have one print with the threadwork stitched right to it, but I have to take a better picture before I can post it.

The second piece is one of the organza prints surrounded by threadwork. More experimenting to come.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Telephone book

Found this very cool looking telephone book in a old-style telephone booth. The book was all distraught and aged from being exposed to the elements. I don't have a detail the book but here is an overall image of the phone booth.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


A friend of mine asked me this question about my artwork.
I thought I would share the question and my response along with images of the artwork.

Nisha: Remember when you did that exquisite installation in Montclair that went from inside, flowed outside and onto the ground? How did you prevent it from blowing away? How long was it installed?

Dear Friend, It was attached to the metal framing of the Windows by a metal bars that are used in fencing, I had holes drilled into the metal bars, then the school had a guy come out and install the bars with the fabric onto the metal portion of the Windows with self tapping screws, using only two screws per panel. The fabric was attached to the bar by stitching a simple sleeve into the top of the fabric. Then I pulled the fabric taut by using metal bars on the ground with two tent stakes. The metal bar would lay across the surface of the fabric holding the fabric taut, and the tent stakes would be at either end of the metal bar keeping it flush with the ground. The nice thing about that system is if the wind picked up the fabric would loosen and not rip. The rest of the fabric was just laid along the ground and sculpture Garden. In hindsight I wish I had mounted more of it permanently to the ground. So much of it got blown away. I would go back periodically and rearrange it. It was supposed to be installed only for month. But because of a 16 inch snowstorm it was left up for six months. It actually did rather well and stood up to 60 mph winds. Hope that explains the process. :-)

Art Commissioned Projects

Phoenix, Arizona has many numerous public commission art projects. Check out the link for more information.

Idea for project-relief map

Crumple a blank 8.5 x 11-inch sheet into a tight ball. Smooth it out. Use it to create a relief map of your life, or your character's life, and use the map as a writing starter.
You may want to "start at one corner of the piece and trace a random map from your earliest memory to where you are today... or let yourself go off into different pathways and roadways, detours. Let your mind wander. This is not a linear exercise."
This came from website for more ideas visit this site,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bigger Threadwork

I worked yesterday and off and on all day today on this bigger piece. It's about 13" x 7" and includes pieces of silk organza and loose weave cotton fabric. I rinsed the solvy out and may add more to it tomorrow.

Here's a shot of Thread Pangaea, all my bits laid out together:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dumbo district...where is it in NYC?


Thanks for all of the great resources....funny, I've a lot of sketches of arches and such, harking back to the Norman cathedrals I saw in Sicily...but I LOVE these! Just wondering what part of the city they reside....